Control of both environmental and product temperature throughout the production cycle is very important. This is why we have developed a continuous temperature recording system with wireless probes suitable for cooking ovens, refrigeration cells and blast chillers.

Our HTW series system uses wireless radio technology to operate in hostile environmental conditions, from -20°C to + 120°C. This makes it perfect to monitor the evolution of temperatures directly in your plants, from the early stages of the process without interruption.
This latest generation data logger is completely autonomous thanks to being powered by a battery designed specifically for these applications. No special maintenance is required other than the replacement of the battery once it is worn put.



Like all our plants, the monitoring of internal product temperatures can be customized with one or two needle probes. An external probe is provided for the control of thermal conditions inside the plant.

The system then transmits the survey data to the centralized system, which displays it in real time. This information can also be consulted at a later date or time thanks to the data logging function.

Maximum flexibility and reliability guaranteed with the features of the HTW series system:

  • Approximately 25m capacity in industrial environment, 80m without obstacles
  • Management of batches manually or via barcode reader
  • Programmable recording times, even for long working periods
  • Suitable for temperatures between -20°C and +120°C, without time limits
  • F value calculation in real time
  • Display of temperature values in real time
  • Wide range for data transmission
  • Measurement resolution 0.1°C with 0.5°C precision and calibration document
  • IP68 protection level

To test the system on your plant, request the support of our technicians [link to the form].


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