The Gulliver automatic industrial handling system is an innovative solution for transporting and managing product flows.
We have studied and developed this integrated handling system in collaboration with a company specialized in the logistics sector, to offer you the maximum performance from your production plant.

The innovation of Gulliver is its autonomous moving around the different departments without the aid of drivers or of other fixed structures. The system is managed by a planning and coordination program, which allows for total control and product quality safety.
To ensure maximum functionality, we can test the system together with a simulation in the lab.

Choosing the automatic handling system Gulliver provides many advantages for the management of your production:

  • Optimization of production times and flows
  • Possibility of tracking individual production series
  • Reduction and optimization of occupied areas
  • No mechanical or fixed structures
  • Reduced installation and start-up times
  • Possibility to modify movements via software
  • Maximum safety and reliability
  • Simple control and management of product movements and positioning
  • Real time management of product and process data


Gulliver system handling and movement vehicles are made entirely of stainless steel, designed to work in difficult conditions of moisture, with important thermal excursions and slippery surfaces. The vehicles are completely washable and sanitizable to guarantee the highest safety and food quality.

We manufacture automated vehicles on standard basic structures, with the possibility of designing variations in line with your needs, such as integrated lifting systems.

Request the support of our technicians to discover the application of the system to your production plant.


The system is controlled by the Gulliver Supervision program, which manages vehicle missions according to priority levels. This software enables to define and modify the routes and destinations for the individual products, simply and immediately.

Real-time monitoring of logistics, production status, the exact position of the vehicles and the distribution of products in the various departments or points of interest, are possible. Furthermore, by combining it with the CUMIX supervision system, you will be able to detect temperatures and treatment processes resulting in complete product traceability in all phases.

The automatic movement system is equipped with a state-of-the-art safety program: the photocells detect any unexpected obstacle and immediately stop the vehicle. Moreover, in the case of process interruption, the vehicles automatically position themselves in a defined safety zone, with acoustic and visual signalling.
The vehicle can be reinserted in production flow by means of a simple command on the Gulliver Supervision program.


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